Saturday, January 23, 2010

My husband, the romantic

Well, after listening to the drum playing for weeks and weeks now, I decided to ask Keith a question. I mean, the dishes haven't broken--yet, and my hearing was probably going to decline in another 20 years anyway, so why not get up the courage to ask him to give me a romantic answer. He was listening to more drum videos on utube--loudly I might add-- when I knelt in front of him and asked him if God himself came down to Earth and gave him the choice of staying with me, or playing the drums, what would he pick? He started smiling from the first word, and then it grew into a snicker, and then a full-blown laugh. Funny. He never did answer me. Thus, another romantic moment lost forever- blown into the winds of utube land. Even as I'm typing, he is embarking on another adventure there. At least it is inspirational music he is listening to even it it is deafening. Maybe I would do better on the romantic side to ask him to play a drum solo and dedicate it to me. Hmmmm......


  1. Please keep us posted on any developments! Husbands have a funny way of doing what we want when they think it's their idea :) And now that the seed has been sown... well you never know what he might surprise you with!!

  2. Men and women surely think differently, don't they? :) Nice to meet you! Just popped over from Dorothy's blog.