Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yes, Virginia, there are still liars in the world......

As if you didn't already know! Liars are common in the world we live in. I write this post because liars are on my list of pet peeves, coming in at the number one spot! Number one because, I know not of one single instance where lying solves any problem, or makes anything better- REALLY! (If you don't know what a pet peeve is, look it up.) Lying only prolongs the inevitable, and creates a distrust. They cause people to "dig holes" for themselves, some of which are virtually impossible to get out of. One lie leads to another lie, and so on. Some people even lay blame on the lie itself, when, clearly, lies don't lie. People do. "Little White Lies?" No such thing. All lies are categorized into one big group: UNTRUTHS. I can see telling someone something, and circumstances changing. That's not a lie. That is a change in circumstances. Duh.(Explanation may be necessary here for some people.) Lying to save someone hurt or embarrassment is putting a band-aid on a twelve inch, infected cut. It doesn't work! Telling a lie at the spur of the moment does not "get you out of trouble" either, contrary to some popular beliefs. Lying creates a huge, gaping, black hole. People are sucked into this vomitous vortex, and the hole grows larger, and larger. I've often heard it said that for every lie a person tells, he has to tell five more to cover up the first lie. Hmmm. Let's do the math here. Five more lies times 5, and then those twenty-five times five, and on, and on. Get the picture? Did you really need me to tell you all of this? Probably not. But, as my preacher uncle always says, "If they'd been here, I'da got 'em!" If they'd read this, I would too. Chances are the people who read this post are all saints, and have never told a lie in their lives! And chances are you're a good person whom everyone looks up to, and you tell lies to make yourself look better to other people. Oh it's easy. Lies pop into my head. It's just life, but I CHOOSE not to say them. I choose to tell the truth, even if it hurts. So, No, Virginia, there is no Santa, but if you want to hear a lie, I'll get someone else to tell you there is......

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Country Mouse goes to the Big City!

No, I did not wear my blue jeans, nor my cowboy boots in the big metropolis of San Francisco, California, but I did wear a big smile, and, of all things, a coat!! Believe it or not, I was cold in California! My journey began as a bit of a joke, and turned into reality when I got up at 3:30am last Sunday, and embarked upon a fun-filled trip to a BIG city! My accent apparently gave away the fact that I'm not from the West! Most people guessed I was from Tennessee or Georgia. I met lots of people on the airplane ride across the country, and none of them made the mistake of thinking I was returning home or anything like that. Once I said one word, they all seemed to know I was as out of place as a turnip in a tulip patch. But some said I didn't "look" like I was from Tennessee, so I asked what does "from Tennessee" look like? You guessed it! Cowboy boots, and blue jeans! Contrary to popular belief, we, in Tennessee, do not always dress in the expected attire. You think the queen "always" wears her crown? :) So. I "finally" made it to the airport in San Francisco where two crazy ladies were waiting to pick me up, Thank God. For some reason, I almost made flight arrangements to San Diego. Whew! So glad my brain cells decided to wake up at the last minute! I would have hated to spend four days alone! Anyway, I was especially thrilled to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the waning afternoon sun! It was a spectacular sight! I could hardly believe I was actually there!! (I think we crossed it four times while I was visiting! I took pics every time too!) I was in such awe of a normal everyday landmark for the people of San Francisco. I'd dreamed of actually seeing the Golden Gate Bridge since I was a little girl, and it was well worth the trip. I could have gone home happy right there, but we spent the next three days taking in the sights in and around the city. I saw waves crashing against rocks at Bodega Bay, ate clam chowder at The Tides restaurant, got my picture taken in front of the church where "The Birds" was filmed, walked the boardwalks in Old Town Sacramento and Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39, ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp, and went on a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory!! It was loads of fun too. I saw the "Painted Ladies" houses that you see at the beginning of a "Full House" episode, and we even visited a Goodwill! It was nothing like Goodwill here in Tennessee. All in all, it was a loaded, fun-filled, jam-packed adventure!! We're already making plans for another excellent adventure here in Tennessee!! And, if you're taking a last minute trip by plane, Priceline is the way to go! They have a feature on their site that lets you "Name your Price." I really didn't think they'd accept my offer, which was well below half of the listed price, but they did!! The catch is that you don't get to pick the time you leave, and the time you arrive, going or coming. So, if it doesn't matter about the times, naming your price is a good way to save a lot of money! Was I tempted to move to the big city, and leave my little country life? No way! I'm not organized enough to live in a condo, or an apartment, and I don't have the patience for city traffic! (That is a calling.) Plus, even though San Francisco has a Starbucks stationed every two or three miles, and even though the mountains are gorgeous there too, give me good old Tennessee any time! Life here is not fast-paced, and you won't find a Starbucks for at least thirty miles! People actually do let you into traffic, and everyone here nods or waves when they pass you. I'm sure I'll visit again though. There's lots more of California to see, but for now, I'll be content in my little nest, here in the south, with my camo-clad crew of coon hunters, two coon dogs, one squirrel hunting dog, and a cat named Prissy. (And she really lives up to her name! If you haven't looked at my pics, take a gander. Some of them are really good!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My First Published Novella is finally here!!

Yes!! That's right!! My first published fictional work is live on Amazon, AND is ranked #2 in Christian Historical Romance!!!! I could have never dreamed it would do this well overnight!! And we just got our first review of 5 stars!! The reviewer said she couldn't put it down!! I'm so excited! God has been instrumental in this from the beginning, and the whole project has been a wonderful experience. The title of the book is, "Threads of Time," and is available through the link below. "Threads of Time is a novella collection of seven stories revolving around a quilt meant to grace the marriage bed of the young woman who made it, but it never fulfills it's original purpose. The quilt travels through many hands over the years, lending comfort to those who possess it, and finally ends up in an estate sale in the present day. My story is titled, " A Night With No Stars," and is about a postmistress and a widower in the small town of Valentine, Nebraska, who struggle with the idea that love can't mend a broken heart, or can it? All the ladies who took part in writing these stories are a team of friends who all write and support each other through prayer and encouragement. "Threads of Time" contains stories of restoration,laced with romance and Christian values. It's listed on Amazon for a low introductory price of 99 cents!! You can't beat that!! It won't be that price for long though. Get it before it goes up!! Plus, Kim Vogel Sawyer did the editing, and her dad and daughter each contributed a story in the collection!