Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 things that I love..... and more

Since my great friend Dorothy has challenged me to write a list of 10 things that I love, I have given it a lot of thought. It will be hard to list just 10 things! Dorothy also awarded me with he Happy 101 award. So I will pass the award on to my friend Connie at her blog. And maybe Connie will list 10 things that she loves, and we will learn a little bit more about her as well.
For starters, I will have to borrow a couple from Dorothy as they are things I love too!! :o)
1. My Lord and Savior, Jesus
2. My wonderful, beautiful family
3. Shopping at Goodwill
4. Singing
5. Writing/Reading
7. Collecting dolls, plates, doorknobs, frames, etc.
8. Researching history
9. Roses (pink)
10. Presents
11. Gummi bears and jelly beans

See, I couldn't do it. I listed 11 things, plus I put two things on some lines! But maybe this will tell you a little bit about me, and then maybe we will learn a little more about my friend Connie too!


  1. Thanks for 'playing'! I love your list!
    If I could go on and on I would have added roses, pink and plates too:)

  2. I am coming over to visit from Dorothy's blog. Congratulations on your award. I like pink as well. My first template looked just like yours, it brought back memories. Happy blogging! Regards

  3. Hmmmm, the Happy 101 award, huh? Okay, I'll play. Hop over to my blog at and learn 10 things about me.