Friday, January 7, 2011

Chickenpox and Church pews

It's through groggy eyes that I'm viewing this screen this morning. I discovered yesterday that I do indeed have chicken pox. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a full grown adult with 5 glorious children, and I have had them before. The case that I had at the ripe old age of 6 was a light one, and that, it seems, has been my demise. So now, I have yet another light case so far, none the less, a case, and thus I am contagious. So the field trip that I had so laboriously planned for Saturday is now postponed, and the choir on Sunday will not have a pianist. No groceries will be bought today, and, I fear, no clothes will be washed as I am just not feeling it. My brain tells me that this will be the perfect time to continue work on writing my break-out novel, but my body tells me that it will not sit all day, but it will lay. We will see what writing is to be done.

As for the church pew. It is absolutely gorgeous! My cousin got a whole set from somewhere, and it has always been my dream to have one in my house--(well, one of my dreams,) and so he gave me one. The big boys and I worked really hard to get it from the back deck, to the front living room last night. We should be given honorary engineer degrees. We used the little red wagon to move one end, and Mom/son power to move the other end. It fit perfectly in the spot we had measured for it. And the seat cover matches the carpet in that room which is now going to be our music room. Since we all play something, the need for a music room far outweighs the need for an antique showroom. So I made space for my prizes in an attic closet, stripped the border from the top of the wall, and plan to paint one wall sometime this weekend. I will post pics when everything is complete. We shall see about that too. But just seeing it in the house made me feel better.

My parents always got me a little prize of some kind when I was sick, and it made me feel better, so, I guess the church pew can be my prize............ :o)

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