Thursday, December 31, 2009

God's Goodness

Here I am, writing on a pink, flowery blog that has MY name on it. I thought blogs could only be created by computer wizards. Evidently, I have entered into a new realm of "smartness," as my grandmother would say. New blog equals less time to work on house.
I'm sitting here, looking at my 5 little miracles and thinking of all that God has done for us this year. He has truly been a very "on-time" God! It would take more than a blog entry to describe the goodness that He has bestowed to me and my little, well-er, big family. I love to brag about what God has done and is continually doing in my life. I think God likes it too. The more I give Him the Glory, the more He shows up. Just when I think that He can't do better than the last time, he amazes me with the wave of His hand. Just like that!! So I will start the new year off with a great big "Thank You Lord!" :o)

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  1. "The more I give Him the glory, the more He shows up." You've found the "secret," Jalana: God inhabits praise. When we desire His presence, all we have to do is praise His name and...HE IS THERE. :o)